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6 juli 2012 - 21:00
ROTR @ \\\\\\\'t Keerpunt Spijkerboor Drenthe
Roots on the Road

Oh My Darling is een Canadese band van vier meiden die energieke akoestische folk spelen, waarbij ze klinken als een amerikaanse stringband. Toch kun je de roots van de dames er wel doorheen horen kieren, want aan de achternamen kun je wel een beetje afleiden waar ze hun wortels hebben liggen: Vanessa Kuzina, Rosalyn Dennett, Marie-Josée Dandeneau en Allison de Groot. Ze zingen, spelen percussie, viool, bas, banjo en gitaar en ze krijgen hier en daar versterking, maar meestal hoor je alleen deze vier meiden. Op één traditional na schreven ze alles zelf, en het klinkt allemaal fantastisch. Luister naar \'Roustabout\' en de toon is meteen gezet - deze meiden gaan er meteen stevig in met een flinke dosis aan energie. Maar ze kunnen ook gas terug nemen en heel ingetogen spelen. Een mooie band om live te zien ...! Tijd voor weer een mooi bluegrass feestje! 

With a sweet name and even sweeter sound, Oh My Darling conjures up the right mix of emotion and elation with their unique brand of country. Their prairie roots mixed with bluegrass, Appalachian old time, southern twang, and Franco-folk, makes their style a melting pot of musical languages. Infused with dynamic vocals, brilliant claw-hammer banjo, inspired fiddling, and grooving bass, their music will get your hips swinging, toes tapping, and put your heart right into their hands. Each time Oh My Darling takes the stage, they prove time and again why they’re captivating audiences and attracting an abundance of fans, because boy, can these girls can play! Individually, they are known as some of the hottest players on the Canadian roots scene, but there is strength in numbers, and combined, the foursome is strong as steel.


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M A R I E - J O S É E D A N D E N E A U


When Marie Josée’s high school band teacher suggested she switch from the trombone to the electric bass, she never would have thought that playing the bass would become her livelihood and lead her to international touring! Her tours have led her to play with many international musicians all around the world, which has made her phenomenally versatile and well versed in many genres of music.

Perhaps what most influenced Marie Josee’s unique sound, was growing up in a family of French Canadian Métis folk musicians. From a very young age, fiddlers, spoon players and harmonies surrounded her. Now, as a professional musician she flavours her craft with sounds from her Métis background.

Among others she has toured, played and shared the stage with :

The Violent Femmes

Xavier Rudd

Pete Murray

Sarah Harmer

Michael Franti and Spearhead

Buckwheat Zydeco

Chantal Kreviazuk

Sarah Slean

The Wyrd Sisters

Tribe of One

Nine Mile

Ash Grunwald

Buffy Saint-Marie

Burnt Project 1

Oh My Darling


Ben Harper

Donovan Frankenreiter

Sarah MacDougall

Corinne West

Doug Cox

Collective Soul

Eliana Cuevos Band

Ruthie Foster

Kathleen Edwards

Blue Shaddy


Blue King Brown

Shane Phillips

Bondi Cigars

Andy Stochansky

7. G.Love & Special Sauce

Etta James

The Roots Band


Don Amero

……….. just to name a few.

Besides creating a fiercely independent musical history that includes numerous TV performance, freelance studio recordings (over 50 albums), performing at festivals across the world (Europe, Australia, North America, Indonesia, New Zealand; playing to sometimes more than 20,000 people) performing with various jazz ensembles, solo artists and being the technical and musical director of several musical groups; she is also a sought after studio engineer, live sound recording engineer and multimedia artist. Marie Josee earned her sound engineer degree at Mid Ocean College and multimedia degree at University of St-Boniface. This opened other doors for her, and has numerous studio audio engineer projects under her belt and her live sound project highlights include being on the sound crew for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maria Carey and Blue Shaddy (Australia).

Marie Josee recently stepped out of the performance circle to help design a school workshop series for First Nation communities. The series teaches Aboriginal youth about different art forms unique to the First Nation cultures, and provides young aspiring musicians with the opportunity to collaborate and create with other musicians. At the heart of the series is what MJ holds true to herself; the commitment to keeping alive a distinct sense of cultural identity, community and family.